The chicken house needs ventilation

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The chicken house needs ventilation

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:37 pm

The ventilation of the chicken house can play the role of updating the air, adjusting the temperature, dehumidifying and dusting. Harmful gases in chicken houses are also the main environmental factors causing frequent disease and immune failure. Therefore, ventilation and ventilation are the key links in the small environment control of chicken houses. Ventilation can be divided into natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and mixed ventilation.
1. Natural ventilation Generally open chicken houses are naturally ventilated. When using natural ventilation, the span of the house should be small and not large, 6-7m is suitable, and the maximum is 8m. The windows of naturally ventilated chicken houses should be arranged as much as possible with a smaller spacing. An air intake hole may be added above the ground, and a vent hole may be provided on the roof. The chicken shed with a small span may be provided with one row, and the vent hole is preferably provided with a flap, which can be opened and closed, so that the two side walls of the chicken house are relatively open. The window and the lower venting hole form two upper and lower ventilation belts, forming a wind and sweeping wind, and the chimney effect of the roof venting hole enhances the ventilation capacity. The use of white and ventilated chicken houses should open and close the doors and windows and vents according to the external weather conditions to prevent the wind from being too high or the temperature is too low to cause stress.
2. Mechanical ventilation Mechanical ventilation is mandatory ventilation by mechanical power, and the enclosed chicken house must be used. Mechanical ventilation has two types: positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure ventilation.
      The positive pressure ventilation uses a fan to forcibly send fresh air to the chicken house, so that a positive pressure is formed in the house to drain the polluted air. Positive pressure ventilation can be divided into side wall air supply and roof air supply. The advantage is that it can be used for preheating, heating and filtering of the incoming air to ensure proper temperature and humidity and clean air environment. Positive pressure ventilation must use a fan with a higher wind pressure. Because of its high operating cost and complicated design, it is not easy to eliminate the dead angle of ventilation, so it is generally used less.
      Negative pressure ventilation is to install the fan on the longitudinal wall or roof of the chicken house, and the dirty air inside the house is extracted by the fan, so that the pressure inside the house is less than the negative pressure formed outside the house, and the fresh air flows from the air intake hole to the chicken house, thereby forming air exchange. Negative pressure ventilation is relatively simple, with less investment and lower management costs. Negative pressure ventilation can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation according to the flow direction of airflow in the house. Longitudinal ventilation can eliminate the dead angle of airflow in horizontal ventilation, and the airflow speed is fast. It has been rapidly developed in chicken production in the past ten years and has been widely used. application.
      The design of the longitudinal negative pressure ventilation is to install the air inlet on the mountain wall on the side of the clean way of the closed house, and install a high-power exhaust fan on the side wall of the dirt side, so that the whole house becomes a tunnel. The difference in potential energy caused by the fan exhausting forces a large amount of air to flow at a certain speed in the chicken house. The larger the exhaust air volume of the fan, the larger the wind speed inside the house, which can effectively lower the temperature of the house, which is very suitable for hot. Use in areas and hot seasons. If it is equipped with a wet curtain cooling system, the cooling effect is better.
3.Mixed ventilation means that the air in the house is exchanged by opening and closing the vent hole and the door and window during the mild climate. Chicken cage manufacturer Enorde Suggest: in high or low temperature environment, close the doors and windows, use mechanical ventilation. Mixed ventilation is available for both roller blind and semi-open houses.
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