Physiological performance of laying hens during laying period

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Physiological performance of laying hens during laying period

Post  dwdaswell on Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:58 pm

1. The change of chicken screams. The chickens that will be opened often squeak, which means that the chickens have entered the egg laying period. At this moment, the management should be careful and prevent all kinds of stress, and punctual feeding. , often investigate. The light should be gradually added to the 16 hours, and the feed gradually transitions to the laying hen feed.
2. Feeding and drinking water is agile. Because the chicken has not yet reached maturity in the early stage of egg production, following the growth of weight and the beginning of laying eggs, the nutrients needed are added agilely. The daily intake of 18-week-old chicken is generally about 90g. At 24 weeks of age, the chicken feed intake reached 120g. Drinking water is also added agilely. Therefore, during this period, on the one hand, sufficient feed and drinking water should be supplied to allow the chickens to eat freely. On the other hand, in the nutrition of the feed, not only the specifications of the varieties but also the quality of the feed should be improved. Ensure the production of eggs and the health of chickens, and achieve better output value and economic benefits.
3. Changes in the skin. The chicken of the yellow skin variety produces the first egg from the beginning, because the pigment accumulates in the egg yolk, and the yellow color of the chicken skin also begins to subside, in order of order: around the eyes, around the ears, noise, and legs. According to this feature, when we eliminate the oligo-male chicken, we can judge according to the change of the color of different parts. Most of the cockroaches and legs turn yellow are discontinued chickens.
4. Changes in the pubic bone and cloaca. The cloaca becomes large and moist, swollen and soft, and the pubic spacing is added, with a width of up to three fingers.
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