Chicken cages should be disinfected regularly

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Chicken cages should be disinfected regularly

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:44 pm

1. Remove the material line and water line to the extreme operation room.
2. Disinfect the drinking water line with disinfectant glacial acetic acid. The disinfectant should be kept at least 12H in the pipeline and then flushed with clean water.
3. Completely clean the chicken manure around the chicken cage, chicken feathers, garbage, and do a good job in environmental sanitation. There are no debris around the house, and the items outside the house are neatly stacked.
4. Remove the ceiling and clean the dust and dirt on the scaffolding, roof beams and all utensils.
5. Eliminate the chicken manure on the bed and the ground, and completely clean the entire house. There is no chicken manure, chicken feathers and dust in the house. Avoid clogging the sewer pipe when flushing.
6. Organize the sewer pipes, drains and sewage pools to ensure smooth drainage.
7. It is necessary to block the total power supply before cleaning and disinfection. The flushing machine and the lighting power supply are connected externally. It is necessary to connect the leakage maintenance switch to avoid electric shock.
8. The surface of all appliances before scouring is first sprayed with detergent through a low pressure spray gun and maintained in a wet or foamed state for more than 20 minutes. At this moment, if a high-pressure spray gun is used, droplets containing microorganisms will occur, polluting the environment and people.
9. Then use a high pressure spray gun to wash the contents of the house from front to back. This is a prerequisite for effective disinfection.
10. When scouring, the hard-to-clean items such as the bed, walls, etc. should be washed with a wire brush; the dirt in the shrink bag should be cleaned.
11. After the house is washed clean, 4-5 open spaces are vacated, and the material line, the material box and the drinking fountain are washed.
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