Temperature management of broiler chicks

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Temperature management of broiler chicks

Post  dwdaswell on Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:22 pm

1. The brooding temperature is the key and it is necessary to strictly control it. The temperature of the brooding includes the temperature of the brooding room and the brooding device, and the room temperature is lower than the temperature of the brooder, which constitutes a certain temperature difference. The ambient temperature of brooding is ideal for high, medium and low temperatures. The chicks that have just emerged from the shell are small, have little hair on the body, and have poor habits of the outside temperature. It is necessary to maintain a suitable temperature. After the chicks are out of the shell, they should stay in the decontamination room for 12-14 hours before transferring to the brooding room. The temperature of the brooder is too low, and the chicken is prone to colds, bronchitis or indigestion and induce other diseases, and is prone to death. The chicks are embodied, squeezed together, "get together"; do not eat or drink, scream, and have diarrhea, the temperature is too high, the chicken mouth gasps, away from the heater, do not eat, drink water, add a machine break The cost is large, the body is weak, and the resistance is reduced. Only when the brooder temperature is suitable, can the chickens be scattered, lively and active, eat normal, the hair is neat and bright, and rest quietly; the appropriate temperature during the brooding period can be seen at the bottom of the article.
2. The temperature in the brooding period begins to increase, and gradually decreases with the increase of age. From the second week onwards, it will drop by 1 °C every week, and the natural temperature will reach 50 days or more. This is determined by the physiological characteristics of the chicks. Thus, the temperature range of the brooder (chamber) should be adjusted according to the physiological characteristics of the chick, the climate, the building structure and the different types and health of the chicks. It is often slightly higher when the outside temperature is low, slightly lower when the outside temperature is high, weaker chicks are higher, the chicks are lower, the meat-type chicks are higher, and the egg-type chicks are lower. In short, it is necessary to maintain a stable and suitable temperature environment throughout the brooding period, and avoid the temperature going up and down. Otherwise, the drastic changes will have adverse consequences.
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