The development of laying hens cages

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The development of laying hens cages

Post  dwdaswell on Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:27 pm

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the United States established and developed the world's first product cages. But at that time, the egg cage was a wooden frame structure. Made with wire mesh. Because the laying hen cage greatly improved the labor power, that is, the number of laying hens per capita. The economic benefits are obvious and will be promoted and used immediately in Europe. In 1963, about 27% of laying hens in the UK were farmed in cages, and about 56% were farmed in sheds with thick sedges. But only three years in the future. That is, in 1966. These numbers have changed radically. That is, 67% of the eggs come from caged hens, and only 25% of the eggs come from thick sedge farming. In the United Kingdom, the value of eggs from caged hens reached 940 in 1976, reaching the highest number in 1980, reaching 95%. At that time, the proportion of laying hens in the United States may be higher. About 90% of the world's eggs come from caged hens.
      The rapid spread of laying hens has greatly improved egg production, feed conversion rate and survival rate of laying hens. However, there are many important factors that play a common role in the progress of laying hens. They are:
      (1) Continuous improvement of nutrition, especially deep understanding and practical use of common amino acids.
      (2) Genetic development. Including selection and breeding, cross-breeding and supporting use.
      (3) Reduction in mortality. Development and use of various infectious disease control vaccines. The development of an effective immunization program, as well as the reduction of death caused by the primary parasitic infection and the similar disability between the layers.
      (4) Environmental control, ventilation regulation and thermal insulation control of intensive farming.
      (5) The establishment and use of the lighting program.

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