Mixer Helps Make Construction Wastes Beneficial

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Mixer Helps Make Construction Wastes Beneficial

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:10 pm

So the lubricant is also a stress. The amount of each site is also very important. In order to achieve the reduction of the degree of wear of mixer, we need to be familiar with the whole need to understand the need to lubricate the parts of the mixer Concrete mixer pump suppliers .

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The gear and bearing of the reducer of the mixer is to use the gear to rotate the engine oil to the inner wall of the tank body, and to carry on the lubrication in the bearing. The gear box of the oil surface should be appropriate in the two line between the oil dipstick Reversing drum concrete mixer equipment . Too high or too low oil level will lead to the increase of temperature or bad lubrication SICOMA concrete mixer, increase the power loss and cause the machine to work Mini concrete mixer for sale .


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