How to effectively reduce the wear degree of concrete mixer

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How to effectively reduce the wear degree of concrete mixer

Post  hahei on Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:56 pm

The wear of concrete mixer has caused a lot of trouble to the concrete mixer customers. The wear is inevitable in the process of concrete mixer using , but the user can reduce the degree of wear. Here DMBE Mobile Electric Block Making Machine, Daswell experienced technicians will teach concrete mixer users to reduce the wear degree of concrete mixer:

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1. Concrete mixer users must choose high quality bearing and reasonable lubricating device concrete mixing machine prices, and regularly lubricate the bearing.

JS2000 concrete mixer

2. Since mixing blades play an important role in concrete production process, the blades wear degree generally is more serious than other parts, which requires users to pay attention to avoid adding large hard objects into the barrel and regularly check and maintain the mixing blades.

3. Concrete mixer surface wear may be caused by tremors, sliding, impact, scratch, rust, etc. Flake Cement Silo, which requires users to avoid collisions when using the machine, and keep its surface clean; if found any rust, the user should deal with it timely .


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