Comparison and contrast two major hot selling concrete mixer

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Comparison and contrast two major hot selling concrete mixer

Post  hahei on Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:57 pm

The wear of forced concrete mixer barrel and blade is low and the machine is easy to clean. Forced concrete mixer is immobile tank, and it mixes materials with stirring blades. Self-falling concrete mixer relies on the drum rotation to mix the materials. By comparison, Forced concrete mixer mixing effect and efficiency is better than self-falling concrete mixer.

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forced concrete mixer

The barrel wall of forced concrete mixer has arc-shaped blades. When the barrel rotates around the horizontal axis, the blades will continuously elevate the materials to a certain height, and then set free to blend with various materials. Different from forced concrete mixer Ready mixed concrete batching plant brick making machine concrete mixing plant for sale, there is no blade in the barrel wall of self-falling concrete mixer. The self-falling concrete mixer mixes the materials driven by drum rotation.


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