The characteristics of mobile self loading concrete mixer

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The characteristics of mobile self loading concrete mixer

Post  hahei on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:15 pm

(1). Loading a spot of sand and gravel to the mixing drum with charging scoop.

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(2). Pouring water into the water tank of self loading concrete mixer, and at the same time, pouring water into the concrete drum.

(3).When the injection water process is completed hospital decorations, start adding cement into the mixing drum. This process can be realized through the following two ways: manually, through the cement bags or the material silo. Either way, the loading shovel of self loading concrete mixer will help complete the process of feeding.

(4).When we put the cement adding into the stirring barrel, we will put the sand and gravel into the stirring barrel. At the same time swimming pool decor, we also added other raw materials required for the modulation of concrete.

(5).Self loading concrete mixer can run to the specified location of unloading concrete WAM Dust Collector, at the same time, The no stopping rotation of the mixing drum will ensure that the concrete won't be solidified. There are several spiral blades in mixing drum, which are used for the mixing of concrete. Benefit from the operational principle of bidirectional rotation, improve the comfort of use, and it also maximally saves the working time and raw materials.

(6).After working, the cleaning of equipment is an indispensable part of equipment maintenance, and this is also the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment in the future work.


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