The introduction of PLD batching machines

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The introduction of PLD batching machines

Post  hahei on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:02 pm

PLD series concrete batching machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system.

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1. Feeding system: It is composed of a storage hopper and a feeding device, etc., the main function is to store the materials and feed materials to the weighing hopper under the control of the control system. Feeding system form: PLD800-1200 type that is used for feeding belt machine;

2. Weighing system: weighing system is the key part of batching machine portable batch plant, and it is composed of a weighing hopper, a suspension device and a sensor of weighing system, and the batching control instrument etc...

3. Electrical control system: electric control system is the core part of batching machine. And its main function is to realize the weighing, display, operation and complete a variety of automatic batching process of batching machine. The system is mainly composed of batching control instrument and electrical circuit.

4. The working principle of PLD concrete batching machine: before working Wet Concrete Separator, the loader (available artificial feeding batching machine underground installation) supplies respectively sand and stone materials to each storage hopper supply. According to the requirements of ingredients control instruments, recipe will be transported into the batching control instrument (unused materials must be zero). After you press the button of ingredients underground tunnel construction, the batching machine began to enter the automatic batching process.


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