Calculation method of wet curtain quantity

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Calculation method of wet curtain quantity

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:22 pm

The cooling of the wet curtain is the mainstream trend of the current intensive cage culture mode. If the wet curtain is too much, it will reduce the cooling effect when the number of fans in the house is not matched. Battery cage eggs
If the number of wet curtains is too small, the fan will be maximized. The effect is also not conducive to the replacement of the air inside the house. So how many wet curtains are appropriate?Chicken house ventilation window
The same example: the chicken house is 100 meters long and 16 meters long. The side wall is 2.5 meters high and the top height is 4 meters. Then 18 wind turbines for supply and demand, each fan is ventilated 50,000 cubic meters per hour, that is 1.39 cubic meters per second, and the 15cm thick wet curtain is 1.5-2 cubic meters per square, then the corresponding wet curtain area of each fan can be obtained. Wire chicken cages for sale
For 6-8 square meters, the wet curtain area required for the chicken house is 150 square meters. The wet curtain installation position is opposite to the fan or the opposite side wall to avoid the loop effect on the ventilation effect.Layer chicken cage price in india


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