Professional chicken farmers should learn to observe chickens

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Professional chicken farmers should learn to observe chickens

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:53 pm

1 mental state of the flock
        It is to observe whether the flock has vitality, whether the movement is agile, whether the tweet is normal or not. Observe whether the cocks are rosy, the face is rosy, and the high-yielding chickens are rosy and rosy. High-yielding chickens are often in a semi-squatting position when the breeder's hands are deep into the cage.
2 observation of feeding situation
        First, observe the feeding situation when feeding. The high-yield flocks are busy eating after feeding. The rows of bright red cocks are very neat on the trough. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the feed intake is normal. If the feed intake drops, it is often It indicates the reduction of egg production rate; others should pay attention to whether the feeding is uniform, whether the trough is sufficient, and whether there is any leftover material.
3 observe the drinking situation
        Mainly observe whether the water supply system is hygienic, whether there is leakage, blockage or freezing.
4 chicken manure situation
        Mainly observe the color, shape and thickness of chicken manure. For example, brown-brown feces are excretions of the cecum, not caused by disease. Green feces are caused by indigestion, poisoning or Newcastle disease; red or white feces, usually caused by coccidia, mites and mites. For stools with abnormal color, look for the cause and treat it symptomatically.
5 timely elimination of low-yield chicken

        Chickens that are whitish or atrophied, that are too late to start production or that are moulted soon after the start of production should be eliminated in time. If you find pheasant, you should find the reason and take timely measures. Chickens with severe convulsions should be immediately treated or eliminated.
6 observe the situation of laying eggs
        Pay attention to whether the changes in egg production rate and egg breaking rate are consistent with the law of laying eggs, whether there are any abnormalities in the color of soft shell eggs, malformed eggs and eggshells.
7 understand the chicken house environment
        Whether the temperature of the house is suitable, whether there is heatstroke prevention, heat preservation and other measures; whether there is serious odor and ammonia smell in the room.
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