Chicken cage manufacturers teach you how to scientifically catch chicken

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Chicken cage manufacturers teach you how to scientifically catch chicken

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:50 pm

In the process of raising chickens, “grabbing chicken” is almost every homework that every farmer has. For example, chicken flock immunity, group transfer, slaughtering, diagnosis of diseases, etc., all need to use chickens. It is a technical activity to catch chickens. It is necessary to pay attention to the techniques and methods, so as to reduce the damage to the chickens. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the chickens, the new egg cage manufacturers Dajia Machinery will tell the serious methods and techniques for scientifically catching chickens. .
1. Choosing the time to catch chickens: When farmers choose to catch chickens, it is recommended that farmers should try to catch chickens when the light is dark in the morning and evening and the temperature is low. Because the activity of the chicken is reduced in a dim environment, it is easy to capture.
2, remove the breeding equipment that affects the catching of chicken: the trough, sink and other facilities may affect the catching chicken, so farmers can remove, raise or remove these facilities and operations when the chicken is caught, avoiding chicken Subcutaneous hemorrhage or fracture during a running collision. If it is a broiler, it should be stopped 12 hours before slaughter to reduce the slaughter pollution, until the chicken cage can not stop water, in case of long-term lack of water to form a chicken weight loss or death.
3, small group catch chicken: for the use of chicken cage chicken users are still relatively simple, a cage inside the number of chickens is limited, it is easier to catch chicken, users who use other methods to raise chicken can use the net before catching chicken Divide the flock into small groups to reduce the death of frightened, crowded chickens. The size of the flocks enclosed by the net should depend on the temperature of the house, the weight of the chicken and the number of people captured.
4, the action should be brisk: in the process of catching chickens, the farmers should capture the movements gently and quickly. For smaller chickens, you can grab the whole body directly by hand, but you can't grasp too tightly; for larger chickens, you can Hold your legs behind, and gently put them into the basket. It is strictly forbidden to grasp the wings and lift one leg to avoid causing fractures. When the broiler is out of the bar, there is not much chicken in each basket, so that each chicken can lie down.
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