The Maintenance Of Concrete Batching Plants

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The Maintenance Of Concrete Batching Plants

Post  hahei on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:32 pm

Life day-to-day maintenance of the concrete batching plant considerable repair and maintenance should note the following:

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1.Each part of the fastening bolts out regular checks, mixer Block motor base, blades and liner to prevent loosening.

2.replacement blades standard torque wrench, locking torque should reach 200-220N. m.

3.stirred wear gap between the blades and the liner is too large, the level on both sides of the cylinder should be adjusted to ≤ 5mm.

4.Reducer lubricant in accordance with standard periodic replacement.

5.Check lubrication pump in accordance with the procedure set up to work properly.

6.per shift or downtime to clean the mixing drum cement storage silo, shafts, blades.

7.Synchronous gear drive chain must be cleaned regularly decoration villa, lubricating grease.

8.Frozen season, the memory of water sprinkler system should be put the net.


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