How to breed laying hens

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How to breed laying hens

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:26 pm

The quality of the small environment in the house depends on the combination of ventilation and warming and cooling. The choice of ventilation system must be combined with the actual situation to achieve efficient operation. Whether it is a semi-automatic or fully automatic ventilation system, the manager's perception of the eyes, nose, throat and skin is also an important reference.Egg cages
Excessive concentrations of dust and ammonia in the air can affect the mucosal system of the chicken. Ammonia concentration of more than 20ppm can be smelled. Once you can easily smell the ammonia smell, the ammonia concentration in the house is already quite high. Other gases such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are odorless. Excessive concentrations are not only harmful to chickens but also to humans. Ventilation allows fresh air to be sent to the house to adjust the air content of the house.Broiler cage system cost
When the temperature rises, poor ventilation can cause an increase in moldy gas in the air, which can cause feathering. In a closed house, the optimum ventilation must be designed according to the stock of the hen, usually 0.7 cubic meters per kilogram per hour. Ventilation can cool the chicken, and the greater the wind speed, the better the effect. The best somatosensory temperature for caged chickens is 20-24 degrees.Chick brooder cage
No chicken house is spotless, and dust is harmful to chickens and people. Dust particles are inhaled into the lungs. If there is ammonia at the same time, the mucosal system of the chicken will be damaged, increasing the risk of respiratory infection. Never underestimate the health hazards of dust. It is best to wear a mask of p2 or higher in the house. Keeping the walkways and cages clean can help reduce dust in the house.Chicken water nipples for sale
There are five types of ventilation systems, horizontal, side window, roof, longitudinal and composite ventilation. How can I achieve an efficient ventilation system? The house is affected by many factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, air quality and composition, dust and light. Be sure to be familiar with the operation and optimal settings of the climate control system. The position of the sensor should be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the optimal control effect. At the same time, capture the chicken's signal to judge the effect. You will quickly become familiar with the poor air quality of the house, so you must record the first impression in the house. When setting the temperature, consider the coverage of the feathers. If the hen's feathers are poorly covered, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the house. Poultry nipple drinkers price


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